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From backyard barbeques to restaurants, chefs are infusing more smoke flavor into their foods than ever before. For many years now, the process of smoking foods has been a way of preserving foods as it has proven to be a great way to extend the shelf life of foods, especially meats. Today the smoking process has become common to the backyard barbecue with family and friends, and to the grill at popular restaurants, as it adds some incredible flavor and tenderizes the meat being served. But whatever your taste for foods or your reason for gathering with family and friends, you are sure to find that the Masterbuilt smoker is great way to preserve and enhance the taste of foods, and add tons of enjoyment to your festivities.

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Smoke flavor can be added to many different types of foods but meat is the most common. When done correctly, you can take what would otherwise be a tough piece of meat and use a slow cooking process with a smoker to produce a naturally tenderized, smoke flavored piece of meat. The best results generally come from cooking meats between the temperatures of 200°F to 225°FDepending on the type of meat that you are using, the internal temperatures of the meat will need to reach 145°F to 165°F to be safe. 

Most Popular Masterbuilt Smoker
More and more people are finding the Masterbuilt 20070910 Smokehouse Smoker to be their smokehouse of choice and its popularity has allowed it to become a #1 best-seller on Amazon. When you see all of the benefits you will receive from use and the savings you will recognize on price, it becomes clear as to why it is so popular with people everywhere for tenderizing and adding smoke flavor to foods.

Easy to Use
The smoker has many easy to use features that make it very user-friendly for any beginner or advanced user. It has become the new standard setter in backyard barbecue as it provides a convenient alternative to the traditional type of smokers that may require too much effort for people that want to enjoy smoke-flavored foods. With the help of the step-by-step assembly, care and use manual, both set-up and use of the smoker is made easy.

Digital Temperature and Timer Control
This smoker comes with a pushbutton digital temperature and timer control panel that allows you to maintain consistent cooking temperatures. The thermostat control allows temperatures to be set from 100°F to 275°F  while the timer control has an automatic shut-off for safety and convenience with timer settings that range from 0 to 24 hours.

Smoking Capacity
Additionally, this smoker comes with plenty of smoking capacity with 1.7 cubic feet and 730 square inches of smoking surface to smoke your favorite foods. It comes with 4 chrome smoking racks to place your meats on while they are being smoked.

Hardwood Chips
Traditionally, people use hardwood chips – most commonly hickory, apple or mesquite - to provide the desired smoke flavor in the meat. However, any kind of hardwood chips can be used for smoking and the easy access side loading tray makes it very convenient to load wood chips without having to open the door of the smoker. You can see some of the hardwood chips that we recommend with our Masterbuilt smoker recipes.

Adjustable Air Damper
Most meats are smoked with the air damper closed so that the moisture and heat are retained during the smoking process. However, when you smoke certain meats like jerky and fish you will need to open the air damper so that the moisture is released.

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Avoiding Dryness
A concern of many people is in the moistness of the meat being smoked. To avoid dryness in the meat, a removable water pan is included that allows you to add moisture to the meat during the smoking process like water, juice, vinegar or your favorite beverage.     

A removable drip pan is also included and placed in the bottom of the smoker to catch the drippings from the meat and make clean-up easier.

Before the Masterbuilt smoker is used for the first time, there are preseason instructions that need to be followed. But once the smoker has been preseasoned, then get ready to enjoy some incredible food and some amazing times. 

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